Are you Considering a Browlift in the Dallas Area?

If you have a forehead with saggy skin or eyebrows that hang too low and too close to your eyes, you may be the ideal candidate for a forehead lift. If you have deep frown lines between your eyebrows, you may also be an excellent candidate. Browlifts, also referred to as forehead lifts, give a more youthful appearance to your forehead and upper eyelids.

Dr. Whetstone performs browlifts on an outpatient basis and uses general anesthesia. Incisions are most often made behind your hairline, but in cases of individuals with high foreheads, incisions may be placed in front of the hairline.

In brow lift surgery, the muscles which cause frown lines and wrinkles are weakened with medical instruments.  The skin on the forehead then becomes loose enough to be repositioned.  Dressings are used to help in the healing process, and they are typically removed within 1-2 days of the surgery.  In cases where intolerable pain and suffering are experienced, oral medication is prescribed.  Within 7-10 days, bruising heals and sutures and staples are removed.  This procedure may be used in coordination with others such as an eye lift or face lift.

In order to learn what an individual can specifically expect to result from a browlift, a consultation with the surgeon should be held. Every surgical procedure comes with a certain degree of risk and uncertainty. Minor complications do occur, but they do not affect the final outcome of the surgery. Major complications are also possible, but are unusual.

Also note that browlifts do not require overnight stays in the hospital. This procedure is performed in an outpatient surgery center.