Millennials and Plastic Surgery

Society today is centralized around social media and the celebrities whose influence transcends through the images they share on a daily basis. For many Americans, specifically millennials under the age of 30, the pursuit of a greater social media presence and following has influenced an increasing number of cosmetic surgery patients. The Association of Facial […]

Four Signs You’ve Found the Right Plastic Surgeon

Having plastic surgery is a big decision. From making sure it’s something you really want and that the timing is right, to picking the right procedures; every stage of process is as important as the next. It’s then easy to see how rushing through just one of these stages can be detrimental to the whole […]

How Generation X is Holding Back the Years with Cosmetic Surgery

With each year that goes by, cosmetic surgery becomes a more accepted, and a more popular tool in the fight to slow them down. The days of waiting until your golden years to undergo a major transformation are long gone. Generation X, or adults today between the ages of 35 and 50, account for the […]

Why Consider a Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover is a set of procedures designed to help a woman bounce back after having children. The procedures involved are carefully selected in order to restore certain areas of the body back to their former glory. There can be many reasons for considering a Mommy Makeover, but before getting down to the details, […]

Post Pregnancy Tummy Tuck

The abdomen will always be an area which represents many problems for both men and women. Both sexes take part equally in the pursuit for that elusive flat and taught stomach, but it is in the pursuit in which women are naturally handicapped and destined to face a number of additional hurdles.  And pregnancy is […]

Post Pregnancy Lift & Revolumize the Breast

Pregnancy is a time of huge change in the body. Following months of carrying and mothering a baby, it is somewhat unsurprising that some of those changes can alter your physical appearance permanently. The breasts are one area in which you may see significant differences immediately following your pregnancy or breast feeding. Hormonal changes in […]

5 Things You Need to Know About a Mommy Makeover

If you are one of the many people considering a Mommy Makeover, there is no doubt you’ll have several questions and uncertainties you would like to clear up first. These could range from wondering what options are available, choosing which are best for you, understand the procedure, and knowing the effects;no matter what it is, […]

What is a Mini Tummy Tuck and Why You Might Need One

As you might have guessed from the name, a mini tummy tuck—or limited abdominoplasty—is a variation of tummy tuck surgery where only a small amount of fat or loose skin is targeted. The procedure also differs in the way that it is usually only performed on the area between your belly button and pubic bone—making […]

Why you might need a Tummy Tuck

It is a common misconception that through adopting a healthy diet, along with a rigorous exercise regime that includes countless numbers of crunches, we are able to achieve that perfectly taut and toned stomach we long for. But aside from what the media and the latest workout trends say, the truth is there are several […]


Now available in our office, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant has the natural feel that women want, without any silicone gel. After years of development and refinement, including contributions of clinical expertise from plastic surgeons, the IDEAL IMPLANT was approved by FDA and Health Canada. The IDEAL IMPLANT has a series of implant shells […]